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SNOOSC is an organisation that provides specialised clubs for children and young adults from the ages of 8-25 years old. We provide a 1:1 service for all club members with complex and profound needs a 2:1 is provided were deemed necessary.

We operate 2 specialised clubs, Saturday Clubs and Holiday Clubs. These services are put in place and are available to families as a short break service, allowing the club member the chance to develop on their social, emotional and physical well-being. During all sessions staff observe and monitor safeguarding procedures at all times.  

SNOOSC recognises each child

            and young adults individual needs, as not every                      child is the same. We at SNOOSC familiarise ourselves                    with every child’s likes, dislikes, capabilities, personalities and skills. Our goal and aim is to support the club members and encourage them to try many different types of activities in a safe and caring environment, making a positive contribution where they expand on their emotional and behavioural development, increasing their confidence, independence and experience within sessions and        the community. Which helps the club members build on their interaction and communication with peers and staff .

Saturday Clubs are every other Saturday from 10am to 4pm*

Holiday Clubs run on most school holidays including the summer break on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm*

*Dependant on the activity, some sessions may run longer than usual, parents will be notified on the occasion.

We aim to offer a wide variety of on base activities, including an assortment of sensory equipment to make sure we are fully inclusive we always modify activities to suit the needs of everyone due to their complex and profound needs.  During Saturday clubs encourage the club members to venture out into the community when the weather is good, taking them to the park or local library and shops. Throughout holiday clubs we like to take the children out to trips such as the zoo, restaurants, bowling, swimming; and during the summer – various trips may be included.

SNOOSC is a joyful and energetic club catering for all types of    complex and profound disabilities, from learning difficulties and challenging behaviours, our SNOOSC Team prides itself in being practical, flexible and caring and adapting to all types of circumstances and situations ensuring that all club members have a great time attending club sessions. SNOOSC has evolved every year from strength to strength being a passionate and dedicated collective team along with the ongoing support from parents, guardians and carers.

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